About Us



Every hand-crafted piece is signed and dated by the highly skilled craftsman who created it specifically for you in our shop here in Teton City Idaho. We are a small shop where each piece of furniture or cabinetry is truly bench built using old-world tools and techniques. We have been building for the mountain ski towns of the Western USA for over 20 years. 


These Hands

Our team of craftsman have lifetimes of experience perfecting their crafts and we love what we do. We all work closing together to ensure the safety of each other and keep a clear line of communication to avoid costly rework and delays. We do not miss deadlines. We understand that timing is crucial and strive to keep lead times reasonable and always deliver on time. 


The Details

Let the team at The Zachary Petterson Collection fuss over the details of your next project. We provide shop drawings when need to verify the dimensions, scale, and details. Custom finish samples are also provided upon request.  We sincerely look forward to working with you.