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What a massive coffee table! We originally built this coffee table for the great group of people at Into the West in Steamboat Springs. This coffee table was just solid. We took the distressing level to the extreme on this piece. We use old world wood planing techniques to create the base for the distressed finish. Namely spoke shaves and draw knives. After that base is made we then add dings and “worm holes” to the surface and peel all of the edges. We let the wood grain dictate where the major distressing happens. Through this process we try to create a distressed finish that feels natural and not forced. The finish choice was a heavy distress Antique Fruitwood on solid rustic alder. Dimensions were 60″ x 60″ x 20″h.

Now for the awesome metal corner brackets. These pieces were custom made by my good friend Bron Wescott. This guy is the real deal! I hope you can see the great forge scale pop on the metal surface. There is no way to fake that. It just takes a lot of heat and heavy blows with the ball peen hammer (you should see the forearms on this guy!). The finish is done by allowing the torch to put out a sooty frame then rubbed back to the desired color then sealed in. Bron is a great resource for any custom metal work! Let me know if you need some metal work done…I can put you guys together.