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The Durco Fir Table turned out so amazing mainly because of the material we chose to use. This wood was reclaimed out of an old bean warehouse in Kimberly, Idaho. This wood was perfectly preserved under 3 layers of flooring. This 3″ rough sawn red fir was the choice for the table top. These timbers were used as the floor joist for the main floor of the building. What an exciting day for a woodworker to come across this find of the decade! This wood has the natural circle saw mark as you can see in the pictures along with a band saw texture that we added to mix it up a bit.

The trestles of the table were built out of the posts that held up sections of the floor. As you can see we found the coolest medalions that acted as washers for the huge bolts that tied the under structure together. They just don’t do things like they used to! What a neat little piece of history applied to this amazing table.

The interesting aspects of this table don’t stop at the wood. I have been experimenting with different methods to “age” wood for awhile now. Let me tell you this one really worked! Look at the blackish base of this table. That color was achieved through a reaction of vinegar, steel, and the natural chemicals in red fir. I was blown away! Talk about a truly natural finish.

Every part of building this table was interesting. From the loose direction we received from the client to basically do whatever we wanted to do to the process of finding the material and finally putting everything together. This is what we can do for you as well. By the way, I have a ton of this wood waiting to be built into your next dream piece.